AnyChart Flash Map Component

AnyChart Flash Map Component 1.0

Anychart Flash Maps Flexible XML-Driven solution: US, World, US Counties
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Anychart is a flexible Macromedia Flash based-solution, which allows you to easily display any sort of data dealing with geographical locations. It contains United States Maps with Counties, World Map, etc. XML data file and a set of customizable options make AnyChart Maps a universal solution for web developers.

AnyChart allows you to create superb, compact, interactive maps.

Major Features:

* Driven by XML interface - Anychart offers you a variety of options, such as setting transparency, color, URL linking, captions and more. And you can do all these customizations via an XML File, no Flash source modifications required.

* No installation - your server need not render any image, there is no need for any Active-X on the server, all graphing happens on the client side. A Flash Player is installed on more than 97% of Internet-connected PC's.

* Extremely Easy-to-Use - you can create an XML file manually.

* Compatible with virtually all scripting languages (ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, etc.) - Use any language you like to create XML Source and pass it to a Flash object, or simply use an XML file from your server.

* Easily add your own background image - your map will look like you want! It can also use an image as a link.

A Developers Edition of AnyChart Flash Map Component is shipped together with source files (FLA), with which you can create any map you like to use in your own projects. You can also request any type of custom map - and our team will try to help you.

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